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    My USA Limited Liability Company FAQ

    We provide LLC formation for both states of Wyoming & Delaware, which are also considered the best states to open an LLC in since they both have no state taxes and provide pro LLC owners laws.

    While we don’t require any documents, you will be asked to provide some information about the member/s of the company as well as a passports picture of the manager and members.

    If you choose to form your LLC in Wyoming then you can expect to receive your LLC in about 4 business days, as for Delaware it will take about 10 business days.

    Yes, we do offer expedited speed for 50$.

    • Wyoming LLC in just about 2 Business days
    • Delaware LLC in just about 6-7 Business days

    That depends on the state you choose:

    A- Once your company formation is formed in Wyoming you will receive the following articles:

    • Initial Resolutions
    • Operating Agreement
    • Certification of Members
    • Membership certificate
    • Articles of organization
    • Certificate of Organization

    B- Once your company formation is formed in Delaware you will receive the following articles:

    • Certificate of Formation (the equivalent of Certificate of Organization)
    • Statement of Authorized Person.

    My USA Employer Identification Number FAQ

    An EIN is a unique nine-digit number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to all business entities in the United States for the purposes of identification and tax filing purposes.

    Of course, all companies no matter who owns them not only can but must have an EIN in order to operate legally in the U.S.

    If you choose the standard speed while filling out the form then it’ll take about 14 business days, as for those who’ve chosen the expedited speed it will take around 7 business days for just an extra fee of 20$.

    Please check out page about the EIN, it has all the information you’ll need to get more familiar with the concept and what it represents.

    Click the order now button check the EIN option and fill the form.

    Only US citizen can have it by phone.

    My USA Personal Physical Address

    All address are real commercial addresses. No PO Boxes used. So you can use it to receive mail and packages from all couriers. You can also use it in situations where a PO Box address is not accepted.

    A non-U.S. resident or someone living outside the U.S. can sign up for a mailbox. In most instances, you may use your local identification for verification.

    It’s how many exterior scans of the Envelope are for free, which are included in your monthly plan.

    It’s how many interior scans of the Contents of the envelope (pages that are in the envelope) are for free, which are included in your monthly plan.

    Free mail is the number of incoming mail envelopes that are initially scanned at no charge.

    Free scans covers the scanning of the contents inside the mail pieces. One free scan covers up to the first 10 pages inside a mail piece. Additional pages are charged an extra per page fee. About 95% of all mail processed by VPM is 10 pages or fewer.

    Unlimited Secure Recycling is recycling your Mail if you don’t want it so always stay green.

    The Items called MAIL (includes packages) will expire after 60 days if it is kept in storage We want to inform you that the Item that will expire soon we will alert you about by email, and all expired items will be physically trashed.

    When mail expires, the physical mail piece will no longer be available. You will no longer be able to scan the mail contents or forward the mail. The expired mail item will be trashed and shredded on-site.

    Yes. You can increase the period of storage in 30 day increments up to 4 times in your account for a total of 180 days of storage at our facility. Rates are as follows:

    Letters and magazines = $4 per mail per 30 days

    Packages = $30 per package for per 30 days

    Expired items will be moved to the Archived folder and physically trashed.

    Some banks, such as Bank of America, may not allow you to enter your mailbox number when you attempt to update your address online. This is a validation issue on their side.

    Our customers have reported that the best way to update your mailing address with the mailbox number is to call the bank or financial institution directly and speak with a customer service representative.

    Please note that if you are looking to use the mailbox address in place of a physical business address (not mailing address), this may not work as banks require specific requirements.

    The US federal banking regulations require all bank accounts to have a registered real “physical” address. This is why banks are required to ask for a physical address when opening a new account.

    This regulation is not something new, but it has never really been actively enforced in the past. However, in the past couple years, we’ve started noticing a trend where banks are running through all their bank accounts to verify that the physical addresses are really physical addresses. In fact, we’ve seen a spike of queries regarding this recently, so it’s safe to say that banks are sweeping their accounts to check this so they can comply with federal banking regulations.

    Many of our customers ask, “How can I use a local address and still have my mail scanned?” Rather than wait for us to open a location in your city, there is a workaround that lets you choose your physical address and have VPM scan your mail at the same time.

    How It Works

    The best way to keep a presence in your state while utilizing our services is to get a mailbox in your preferred city and then have that organization periodically forward your mail to us for processing. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Sign up for a mailbox at a local mailbox rental store like The UPS Store. This gives you a local street address.
    2. Use this local mailbox address to receive all your mail.
    3. Setup a periodic forwarding with your mailbox store to have your mail sent to your VPM mailbox address.
    4. Wait for us to process your mail and upload it to your mailbox for you to view online.

    Our mail storage guarantee is 60 days, as listed on our pricing Question. We try to store mail for as long as we can while our storage space lasts; however, storage past 60 days is not guaranteed. We recommend that you place a processing request before the mail expires at our facility.

    We do not offer fulfillment services with our mailboxes. Fulfillment service is defined as breaking up the contents of packages into individual pieces to be shipped out separately. So for example, you ship 10 pieces of clothing in a box to us and then you want us to ship each individual clothes to different addresses.

    Our package forwarding service is focused on consolidating multiple packages into one bigger box to be shipped out. This means taking multiple packages you received and combining the contents into one single larger package.

    Google does not allow users to utilize mailbox addresses such as ours for Google Adsense. Please refer to their terms and conditions: AdSense Online Terms of Service

    Please note that services such as Google Businesses and Amazon Seller (for merchants) are becoming strict on verifying businesses with physical business addresses. If you are planning to use the mailbox for these purposes, you may not succeed as they require additional verification documents to be produced for listing purposes.

    If you decide to cancel our service, forwarding arrangements must be made with your mail senders prior to closing the account. Otherwise, mail will be rejected and returned to the sender.

    If you have particular requirements about how you wish your mail to be handled after you cancel your account, you can let us know in your account cancellation email. For example, you might want all your existing physical mail in our facility to be packed and forwarded to you. We will weigh the package and inform you of the fee required to ship the package.

    For your protection, our security policy forbids scanning the back of debit/credit cards. This policy ensures that not all card information is available in one place.

    If you need your complete card information ASAP, email customer support with the item number that contains your card, along with your mailbox number. The information will then be emailed separately.


    Retrieving the back of card details is not part of our standard scanning process and requires processing time.

    It will be billed $4 / item.

    Per our terms of service, we do not scan the contents of bound materials, which include books, magazines, periodical, catalogs, brochures, etc. If you submit a scanning request and we discover any of the previously listed items inside the envelope, we will reject the scanning request.

    It is often more cost-effective to have the physical mail piece forwarded to yourself than to have the bound material scanned.

    Our trained Mail Scanners will always scan the important contents of your letters. Most mail will come with less than 10 pages. This is the reason why we define our “1 scan” or “per scan” to be “scanning of the contents of one mail piece up to 10 single-side pages.”

    To help you not get billed for pages that are not relevant to you, we will remove certain types of pages from the scan. The types of content that we exclude are:

    1. Blank pages, or pages that state “intentionally left blank”.
    2. Included advertisements in credit card statements (especially if it exceeds the 10-page limit).
    3. Terms / Policy for credit cards. Since they are lengthy and can be found online for free, we will not scan them.
    4. Books, booklets, or bound materials. Per our terms of service, we do not scan bound materials.
    5. CD, DVDs, and other electronic media. We can all agree that these are not really scannable items.
    • Legal documents from the state/courts
    • Insurance policy (if you ever request for them to be scanned)

    There are Fees for cancellation of a shipment which will be assessed to cover labor costs that starts at $6/canceled order; plus $0.30/letter and $3.00/package fees.