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A corporate kit is usually a deluxe binder that holds the company’s most important paperwork along with details that will be needed for a new LLC or corporation, it makes your company’s organization very easy thanks to all the documents that are stored in the binder. The kit holds things like the incorporation paperwork, resolutions, licenses, meeting minutes, and the corporate seal. Occasionally, it may even contain stock certificates, bylaws, and the articles of incorporation.

The kit provides the corporation with an official look because it helps maintain the company’s most valuable books and papers, allowing you to have perfectly organized records.

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What Our Corporate Kit Includes ?

  • Personalized Binder: 3-ring binder with company name gold-embossed on the spine, this serves as a secure place to organize all your company’s important documents.
  • Slipcase to protect documents: protect all of your valuable documents and essential documents and papers thanks to the business slipcase.
  • index divider tabs : mylar reinforced, easy-to-use tabs for your LLC Kit
  • Personalized Certificates : We offer 20 Custom Member Certificates, printed with Business name and state of incorporation, These certificates can be issued to the members of your LLC or the shareholders of your corporation in order to illustrate.
  • Member Transfer Ledger sheets: 8-page alphabetized transfer ledger reflect any membership/ownership changes your company may make in the future.
  • Sample Operating Agreement and Minutes: you can choose between Examples for the structure of Agreement and Minutes or 50 Cream pages for you to print your own forms.



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