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By submitting a records request form to the secretary of state of Wyoming, you can obtain a document called a Certificate of Good Standing. This document can prove many things, including the fact that your entity is registered to do business in the state of Wyoming, that your business was previously dissolved or suspended, or that your business is formally in compliance with all state requirements that are applicable in Wyoming.

An official Certificate of Good Standing features the Wyoming state seal and an authorized signature from the Wyoming Secretary of State.

It can be a business other than your own that you want to find a certified Certificate of Good Standing for. In fact, for nearly any entity, you can obtain certified documents such as conversion, amendments, original articles of formation, or the original registration when companies are from out-of-state.

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When Do You Need A Certificate Of Good Standing

Many situations require a Certificate of Good Standing. For instance, you’ll need this document to sell your own business, to buy a business outright, or to be involved in an acquisition or merger. Basically, the certificate of good standing document forms an integral part of your company’s legal documentation.

Some tax matters require a Certificate of Good Standing as well. As long as you’re not out of compliance with the tax process in the state, you can still owe taxes and be considered in good standing

Other situations that require a Certificate of Good Standing include: Certain licensing requirements, registering to do business in another state FileYourFile can help you with what you need, and applying for a line of credit such as a business loan.

Just be sure that you know exactly what your documentation requirements are. This means knowing how recent your Certificate of Good Standing should be. Certain states will require that the certified status be no older than 30 days or 60 days.

Certificate Of Good Standing Or Certificate Of Status?

In other jurisdictions, the Certificate of Good Standing may also be referred to as a Certificate of Existence or a Certificate of Status. In the State of Wyoming, this document shows that a company is registered to do business in the state, is compliant with applicable corporate rules and licensing requirements, and has not been suspended by the state taxing authority, the Franchise Tax Board.

How To Get Your Good Standing Certificate?

You can order your certificate by mail or in person at the Secretary of State office. Requests presented in person can generally be processed by the second business day, while mailed-in requests take 5-15 business days. Wyoming does offer a Rush service for Good Standing requests.